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So you want to know the AUS community?

Posted by AUS blog on Apr 26, 2015 11:00:00 AM

By Gureni Lukwaro

One of the greatest things that happens at American University of Sharjah is being given the opportunity to make new friends. When you come here are as a freshman, new faculty or a new staff member, you quickly start to meet new people—people you take a class or two with, those living in the same dorm as you, your professors or people you will be working with on a regular basis.

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However, no matter how long you might stay in a place, it isn’t possible to meet and know everyone. What percentage of the community could you actually get to know? In many cases, it’s never as much as you would want.

Oftentimes, when shopping at the mall or supermarket, you spot a familiar face in the adjacent isle. You try to remember where have you seen that person before but just can’t recall. Your brain just doesn’t seem to work fast enough and you continue to draw a blank. It’s only when (and if) that person comes close and smiles at you that you remember you’ve encountered them on campus!

Does that scenario sound familiar? Indeed! As much as you may want to know everybody at AUS, the reality is more difficult. Certainly there will be people you will end up knowing and becoming friends with. There will be others you may end up knowing only briefly but enough for their faces to reside in your brain.


To help mitigate such a situation, the university is introducing a new platform called Faces of AUS. Through this platform, the university will share photos and stories of various members of the AUS community with stories about themselves and their experiences at AUS and beyond. This will help members of the community not only to get to know other community members, but also to know something about them.

Inspired by the Humans of New York Facebook Page, this platform will also help celebrate the spirit of AUS through the stories shared by students, staff, faculty and other people who are part of the larger AUS community such as alumni and parents. So, in addition to helping the community get to know each other, this platform will also help AUS showcase its unique multicultural campus life to the rest of the world. We think our community members have a lot of good stories to tell, and we look forward to sharing them.

To help make this campaign successful, we ask you all to be part! Visit the platform as often as you can and check out the new stories that will be added frequently. Engage with the stories by liking, sharing and commenting on them and, most importantly, by sharing your own stories with the rest of the community!

If you want to share you wonderful AUS story or if you know of a good story that can help highlight the spirit of AUS further, please write to socialmedia@aus.edu and someone will get in touch with you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Gureni Lukwaro is a Writer, Editor and Social Media Manager at the American University of Sharjah.


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