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AUS Academic Support Center:  Helping students become successful learners

Posted by AUS blog on Feb 5, 2018 10:30:00 AM

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By Wency Villamora

Sometimes university students encounter academic and personal obstacles that stand in the way of achieving their full potential and educational goals. For these students, the challenges of navigating university life are often overwhelming. The Academic Support Center (ASC) at American University of Sharjah (AUS) is here to help by providing current students a wide range of services.

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Exploring Majors

Many factors need to be considered when deciding on a major or choosing a career. Students who are currently exploring majors can contact the ASC Director, who serves as the Academic Advisor for undeclared students. ASC also offers the Strong Interest Inventory, a tool that measures interest in various fields of study.

Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Students who have a documented disability diagnosed by a qualified professional may apply for academic accommodations through ASC in order to have equal access to educational opportunities at AUS.

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Study Skills Workshops and Events

ASC offers a wide range of study skills workshops, such as time management and procrastination, motivation and goals, test taking and managing anxiety, study skills and note taking, health and wellness, and much more. These workshops aim to equip students with effective study strategies to help them succeed in university. ASC also runs a few events and inspirational talks every semester presented by key faculty, students and external visitors. Attending ASC workshops and events can earn you an AUS certificate!

Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are academically successful current students from the AUS colleges who are available to meet one-on-one. They provide academic information and support and also share their invaluable perspective. Peer Advisors offer students advice related to their respective college and major, recommend effective learning strategies and share their personal journeys to a fulfilling university experience. Come and talk to our Peer Advisors!

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Student Support Crew (SSC)

The SSC consists of students who were previously on probation and are now in good standing and progressing at AUS. They give back by sharing their success stories and practical tips with new students and students that are currently struggling academically. Some of the projects they take part in include classroom visits, presenting workshops, campus events, video making and social media campaigns. You can attend their events and apply to join the SSC team.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is a collaborative relationship between student and advisor that promotes student success. ASC Advisors provide the knowledge, tools and resources to support students in attaining their academic goals. ASC Advisors are also committed to helping students make a successful transition to the university while empowering them to discover their full potential through advising, mentoring and coaching.

Furthermore, ASC collaborates with other departments to introduce and refer students to a wide variety of resources and services provided by the university. Students can always find the support they need by simply accessing these campus resources.

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Math Learning Center: Offers free one-on-one tutoring to students in MTH 00 and 100-level courses. Trained tutors are available to help.

Writing Center: Provides individual instruction, helpful handouts, writing resources and workshops throughout the semester.

AUS Library: A study space full of resources with a Research Help Desk. The Library provides students with several useful workshops, group study rooms, media and presentation rooms.

Faculty Office Hours: All instructors hold weekly office hours listed in their course syllabi, which give students the opportunity to seek help directly from the instructors.

UPA 200: This course focuses on developing a positive attitude toward studying at university and providing the study skills necessary for academic success. This course is mandatory for freshman students on academic probation and is offered through the Achievement Academy.

University Counseling Services (UCS): Located in the University Health Center, the UCS offers psychological and emotional support to the entire AUS community. Students can seek help with anything from goal setting, decision making, enhancing relationships, mental illness and much more.

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The Dean’s Business Team (DBT): The School of Business Administration’s DBT offers tutoring for most business courses. Also, DBT holds educational events and events to highlight student talents.

Career Services: Provides guidance to students on how to secure a rewarding professional career and internship opportunities. Career Services conducts seminars and trainings on job search and preparation, interviewing and negotiation skills, career planning and resume writing skills, among many others.

Office of Financial Grants and Scholarships: Offers students a wide range of grants, scholarships and work study opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to help them finance their education regardless of race, gender, religion or national origin.

Office of International Exchange Programs (IXO): Helps students actively engage with numerous other partner universities and organizations to experience a different way of life, culture and educational environment. IXO services include study abroad, international scholarship and study tours.

AUS Undergraduate Catalog: A comprehensive guide to the degrees and course structure, as well as an in-depth look at each course and the prerequisites required. The catalog is an important tool in degree planning and academic life at AUS. 

Student Handbook: Students can download a copy of the Student Handbook from the AUS website for detailed information on useful campus outlets and services. The handbook is a guide and reference to all aspects of campus life.

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SheraaSharjah Entrepreneurship Center: Provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the resources needed to bring their idea to life. Sheraa supports students with pitching their start-up business. Sheraa also runs workshops and trainings delivered by top business leaders in the region.

The ASC highly encourages students to be proactive in their learning experience and to make use of the resources available. To learn more about ASC, visit our website. To learn more about AUS resources mentioned above, contact us. To make an appointment with an ASC Advisor, call +971 6 515 2180. ASC is located in the Main Building, Mezzanine Floor, Room M-M01.

Wency Villamora is an Academic Advisor at American University of Sharjah Academic Support Center.


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