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Congratulations to AUS Student Research Award Winners

Posted by AUS blog on Mar 9, 2014 11:00:00 AM

By Teresa Crompton

At the annual Student Research Awards ceremony held in the AUS Main Building on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 a total of 47 undergraduate students were honored for original work conducted during Academic Year 2012-2013. The awards were sponsored by Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) and BP UAE. SIB was represented by Mr. Khalaf Abdallah, Chief Internal Auditor, while BP UAE was represented by Mr. Oliver Broad, Vice President - Communications and External Affairs.

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Sharjah Islamic Bank First Place Award

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The opening address was given by Dr. Thomas Hochstettler, Acting Chancellor, who said that research is an essential component of a great university, and forms a key part of a well-rounded education. The winners, he said, were being honored for applying themselves to serious investigation in a field of endeavor, supported by their faculty mentors.

The Welcome Note was given by Dr. R. Malcolm Richards, Acting Provost, who, in congratulating the award winners, challenged the students to be research oriented in their pursuit of answers to questions, and to recognize that most new knowledge is attained through such efforts.

SIB Second Place Award resized 600

Sharjah Islamic Bank Second Place Award

Dr. Gautam Sen, Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies, who was Moderator, said that AUS Student Research Awards recognize the best undergraduate student research projects in the university’s academic units. He explained that the projects are selected through a two-stage review process. In this, individual Colleges/School send their nominations to an AUS-wide Selection Committee, which considers the projects and recommendations and makes the final determination on the recipients of the awards: ‘I am very pleased with the quality of the projects that have been submitted for the competition this year. It is encouraging to see the high levels of commitment and skill that our students are able to demonstrate in their work.’

A highlight of the BP awards was the announcement that the winners of the ‘One Team’ award plan to donate their iPad prizes to a school in Talibiyah, Jordan. The school featured in the research project, which was undertaken via collaboration with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. The donation, says Dr. Sen, ‘is a great gesture on the part of the student team and their faculty advisor, George Katodrytis.’

SIB Third Place Award resized 600

Sharjah Islamic Bank Third Place Award

The award ceremony was also attended by Salem Al Qaseer, AUS Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs, and Deans and Associate Deans of CAAD, CAS, CEN and SBM.

SIB awarded cash prizes and certificates based on depth of research/investigation, communication and presentation, and creativity and innovation. Mr. Abdallah said that he was proud to witness the commitment of the students to achieving excellence through their research projects, and advised them to take pride in their accomplishments.

First: ‘Optical Aid for Visual Impairment,’ Hesham Gamal Moussa; Bilal Suliman Al Habash; Yomna ElSaboni (CEN) (faculty advisor: Hasan Al Nashash).

Second: ‘CrashDetect: A Smartphone Application to Detect Car Accidents,’ Farh Al-Haddad; Rona Kanbar; Ruba Abu-Salma; Sarah Al-Otaibi (CEN) (faculty advisors: Fadi Aloul and Imran Zualkernan).

Third: ‘Prospective Scenarios for the Adoption of Sustainable Power Generation Technologies in UAE,’ Ahmad Zueter; Mohamad Dirar (CEN) (faculty advisor: Andreas Poullikkas).

SIB Honorable Mentions

1: ‘El Dokki, Giza, Egypt: A Study of Informal Slum Settlements in Egypt,’ Israa El Shaarani; Yara Abdel Rehim (CAAD) (faculty advisors: Kevin Mitchell and Varkki Pallathucheril).

2: ‘Design and Analysis of Variable Speed Control of an Induction Motor,’ Mohammad Maaz Bazmi; Roufin Mahmood; Taimoor Hussain Shah (CEN) (faculty advisor: Habib-ur Rehman).

3: ‘A Higher Order Spline Collocation Method for Numerical Solution of IVP & BVP,’ Hussain Ali Ibdah (CAS) (faculty advisor: Ali Sayfy).

BP UAE Awards

For the BP awards, projects were evaluated on the criteria of BP Brand Values, depth of research/investigation, communication and presentation, and creativity and innovation. Mr. Broad presented the winning teams with iPads and certificates. Noting that this year's ceremony marked ten years of collaboration between BP and AUS, he said that BP was proud to support student research and added that he was impressed by the quality of the projects.

One Team Award: ‘Camp – Cities,’ Toam Khaled Jaber; Nasser Alzayani; Noor M.S. Al-Shawa; Deema Deeb Abu-Dalo; Basant Alaa Elshimy; Chourouk Mohamad El hajj Mahmoud; Basma Moh. Issam Arwani; Rahil Gupta; Nada Ashraf Abu Shakra; Noor Raad Jarrah; Jessica Aya Harn; Haia Machfij; Muna Ibrahim El Amin; Heba Ibrahim Herzallah; Raneem Saba Alnrshe; Ranim Kasem Alorouk; Annette Couvillon; Yomna Ayman Garada; Rawan Imad Al Kurdi; Olivia Jones; Lynne Abdulhadi; Razan Jamil Najee; Manar Abdulsalam Kamal; Nour Mohammed Al Zebn (CAAD) (faculty advisor: George Katodrytis).

BP One Team Award resized 600

                                                                  BP One Team Award

Respect Award: ‘Kinetics of Novel Adsorption Desulfurization Techniques for Diesel,’ Azeema Attari; Karma Zraqi; Leher Farooq; Meera Al-Suwaidi; Raghad Al-Sulh; Taha Ozkul; Yasmin Mohamed Ali (CEN) (faculty advisor: Isam Al-Zubaidy).

BP Respect Award resized 600

BP Respect Award

Courage Award: ‘Transient Permanence: Shelter, Dialogue and the Palestinian Refugee,’ Nasser Alzayani (CAAD) (faculty advisor: George Katodrytis).


BP Courage Award resized 600
BP Courage Award

Teresa Compton is a Grants Writer at the Office of Research and Graduate Studies at American University of Sharjah.




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