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AUS to participate in the UAE Innovation Week

Posted by AUS blog on Nov 20, 2016 9:00:00 AM

American University of Sharjah to participate in the UAE Innovation Week.jpg

By Gureni Lukwaro

As the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Sharjah celebrate innovation during this UAE Innovation Week, American University of Sharjah will use the opportunity to showcase several innovative projects. A selection of recent projects conducted by AUS faculty and students will be exhibited at the Sharjah Expo Center where the UAE Innovation Week will be officially celebrated in the emirate of Sharjah November 20-26, 2016.

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Students from the AUS College of Architecture, Art and Design (CAAD) will present two unique projects, a totem and a wall. The wall was designed and built using reclaimed materials from the Bee’ah landfill in Sharjah. Named “Reclaimed Wall,” the project was part of a design/build studio course taken by interior design students, and it showcases the many opportunities available in recycling waste materials and turning them into mini masterpieces.

Students from the AUS College of Engineering will present three ground breaking projects: the hydrogen fuel cell powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), a hydrogen fuel cell multi-rotor drone and a Microbial Fuel Cell.

A team of researchers from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at American University of Sharjah College of Engineering conducted the very first successful hydrogen fuel cell powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) flight in the UAE and GCC region and it will be showcased at the UAE Innovation Week expo.

Another team of researchers at American University of Sharjah conducted a successful hydrogen fuel cell powered multi-rotor drone flight at the university, the first flight of its kind outside North America. The drone will also be showcased at Sharjah Expo Center during the UAE Innovation Week.

Students from the School of Business Administration at American University of Sharjah will provide a live feed of their newly installed Interactive Trading Floor (ITF). The first of its kind in the MENA region, the trading floor is a sophisticated facility that incorporates live tools and software to extend theory into practice in a fast-paced, applied environment. It is a technologically advanced 24-seat learning space designed to be an exact duplicate of the trading floor found in banks, equipped with the same live feeds, industry software and analytical tools.

American University of Sharjah to participate in the UAE Innovation Week 1.jpg

AUS students will also present project posters at the American University of Sharjah innovation week booth, which will be at the middle of the Sharjah Expo Center exhibition area for the whole week.

AUS faculty and graduates will also participate in the innovation week by giving presentations on a wide variety of topics related to innovation. Dr. Ghassan Abu-Lebdeh, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, will deliver the presentation “Transportation System Changes to Promote Public Health: A Case Study;” Dr. Andrew Klein, Assistant Professor of Management, will talk about Iso Truss; Mohammed Seif Adawla Mohammed,  a chemistry graduate, will discuss the “Removal of Heavy Metals from Contaminated Water Using Chemically-Modified Natural Fibers: The Case of Cotton;” Ahmed Ababneh and Mohamed Elaradi, industrial engineering graduates from AUS,  will deliver the presentation “Weight Variation Reduction in IFFCO's Portioning Process using Six Sigma;” Gaurang Desai, Assistant Professor of Art and Design, will talk about “Design Thinking: An Integrative Methodology for Business And Social Innovation”; and Daniel Chavez, Assistant Professor of Architecture, who taught the class that created the Reclaimed Wall, will give a presentation about the project.

UAE Innovation Week is a nationwide celebration of innovation and is one of the largest innovation initiatives in the world. American University of Sharjah is happy to join this great initiative to help nurture the culture of innovation at the university, in Sharjah and the UAE at large.

Gureni Lukwaro is a Social Media Specialist at the American University of Sharjah.


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