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AUS Exchange Student Demonstrates That Nothing Is Impossible

Posted by AUS blog on Jan 27, 2014 11:00:00 AM

By Gureni Lukwaro

Imagine climbing alone onto a flight in your home city of Cordoba, Argentina. Everything is dark: you cannot see a thing.  Perhaps you listen to movies, or maybe to music, and you chat a bit with the mysterious individual sitting next to you.  Eventually, after travelling for about 16 hours, you arrive into Terminal 1 of Dubai International Airport.  Still unable to see your surroundings, you make your way off the plane and into the hustle and bustle of the airport.  You hear a female voice calling your name, and a friendly stranger takes you by the elbow and guides you through the crowds, and eventually through Passport Control.  You describe your suitcases to the greeter, and eventually you’ve collected everything.

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