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10 most common stories on ‘Faces of AUS’

Posted by AUS blog on Nov 6, 2016 9:00:00 AM


By Tayiba Ahmed

Faces of AUS is American University of Sharjah (AUS) community platform that began in March 2015, as an initiative to encourage the AUS community to get to know each other better. The idea behind the site is that when people talk about themselves, they give the other community members an insight to who they are, and a chance for the rest of the AUS community to know them better. The stories could then be conversation starters or ice-breakers to help members of the AUS community to engage more with each other, know each other better and be there for each other when needed. Many students, faculty members and staff have been a part of the platform, and here we look at the top 10 most talked about topics or themes on ‘Faces of AUS’.

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  1. Lessons learnt in life

There are times, when one might have an experience that in some ways leaves an impact on them. This is one of the common stories shared by the members of the AUS community on the platform. Many of the AUS community members have shared the different experiences that have impacted their lives, and the valuable life lessons these experiences have taught them.

  1. Significant experiences outside of AUS

Another topic most commonly spoken about by the faculty and staff of the AUS community is about their life before joining AUS, or away from AUS. Some of the stories recalled are about how the members support their families back home with the help of what they gain at AUS, while some members remember their jobs and experience before they eventually became a part of AUS. And how they AUS connection have made a difference in their lives and their families.

  1. Aims or goals in life

For a lot of people, setting goals in life is important. This is another topic that reoccurs most often in the stories on ‘Faces of AUS’. The various members of the AUS community share their aspirations and dreams as to what they wish to accomplish in their careers, personal lives or things they are passionate about.

  1. Majors

Understandably, one of the most spoken about experiences on the platform is about students’ majors. Students share why they chose their majors, the difficulties they faced regarding that choice process and what they hope to achieve with their majors.

  1. Hobbies and passion

For many, it is important to continue to pursue their hobbies and passion along with focusing on their education. This is also one of the reoccurring topics on the platform. The community members share what their hobbies and passions are, and how these personal interests affect their daily lives. While some shared their passion for fashion designing, others spoke about their love for cars and many other interests.

  1. Freshman year experience

Transitioning from a high-school student to a university student is a whole new experience, and many of our community members have shared their freshman experiences at AUS. Students spoke about how similar or different their freshman year was from their expectations. Some shared how they overcame their shyness and were able to approach new people and make new friends, while others shared the difficulties they faced regarding their courses.

  1. Making use of opportunities at AUS

Another reoccurring topic in the stories shared by our community members was regarding the different opportunities they come across at AUS all the time, and how they benefit from these opportunities; whether it was the gymnasium, the different sports teams, the events hosted or organized by the university, or being a part of the different clubs and organizations at AUS.

  1. Happiest moments in life

Happiness is a subjective term, and many of our community members shared what it meant to them personally. They spoke about what happiness means to them, the happiest moment in their lives and the things that bring them joy.

  1. Various experiences at AUS

The different experiences they’ve had at AUS, is another topic shared most often in the stories on ‘Faces of AUS’. Community members speak about meeting new people at AUS, the cultural diversity at AUS and learning how to better manage time in order to create a balance between studies and fun while at university.

  1. Inspirations

Different people find inspirations through different things, and many of our community members share stories about their own inspirations. While some members spoke about what inspired them and how, others spoke about how they wish to inspire others.


It is interesting to see how similar experiences are viewed by the members of the AUS community differently, and what they learn from these experiences gives us an insight to who they are. This is why ‘Faces of AUS’ is a useful platform to use, since it gives the AUS community the opportunity to connect with one another. You can check out these stories at faces.aus.edu.

You too can take part and share your story or stories on Faces of AUS. You can share your memorable moments, happy moments, sad moments, lessons in life, or any other experience that can inspire our community. To do so, please contact us at socialmedia@aus.edu

Tayiba Ahmed is a student at American University of Sharjah.

Visit www.aus.edu for more information about American University of Sharjah

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