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How to use University Career Services to Prepare for the Job Market

Posted by AUS blog on May 30, 2013 10:00:00 AM

By Andrew Capland

Career services are an incredible resource at every university. Most career service departments provide internship/job planning resources for current students, alumni support and networking opportunities, as well as access to prospective emplyees with business partnerships. Unfortunately, my students do not take advantage of careers services as much as they should.

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If you're a current student, university career services can provide ongoing support, guidance, and advice to help you find your dream job, and prepare for it. In order to help you prepare for the job application process, AUS career services has programs, workshops, conferences, and training courses, that help prep students for the job search, resume and cv writing, interview skills, the art of negotiation, as well as career planning. The university careers services, will also run numerous regular events like:

  • Career fairs
  • Company presentations
  • On-campus interviews

 University Career Services

Alumni are more concerned with networking, keeping in touch with other alumns, and re-connecting with their alma mater. Most career services depts, will offer occasional events to foster alumnis to interact with each other near the university. AUS career services offers several events for our alumni. Additionally, a good career services dept, will provide additional support aimed to further develop skills and enhance work experience and opportunities with life-long advice and skills training.

No matter what university you end up applying to, you'll want to make sure you properly evaluate their career services dept.

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