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American University of Sharjah holds Environmental Day

Posted by AUS blog on May 18, 2017 9:00:00 AM

By Tayiba Ahmed

To help create a world that is sustainable, American University of Sharjah (AUS) strives to promote sustainability on campus. Students are encouraged to recycle through the university’s recycling campaign, as well as to think about how they can help reduce energy use and conserve water. These initiatives reflect the university’s mission to educate and transform the AUS community by encouraging collaborative relationships among students, staff, faculty and community members to explore and implement the required changes to create a sustainable campus.

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AUS Professor Becomes Certified Fraud Examiner

Posted by AUS blog on May 11, 2017 12:00:00 PM

By Tayiba Ahmed

In this day and age, where it is easy to post things online while remaining anonymous, we face a lot of issues regarding anonymous messages being sent to people, fake online accounts, and people accused of defamation, liability, or slander. How interesting would it be to learn about how investigators deal with such cases? Fortunately for us, Dr. Tharwat El-Sakran, a professor in the Department of English at American University of Sharjah (AUS), recently became a certified fraud examiner (CFE), licensed by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) in the USA. Dr. El-Sakran will soon be teaching a course dealing with forensic linguistics.

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Topics: American University of Sharjah, American University, America, American, Certified Fraud Examiner

AUS students express appreciation to cleaning and security staff

Posted by AUS blog on May 10, 2017 9:00:00 AM

By Tayiba Ahmed

The students at American University of Sharjah (AUS) have always demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to giving back to the community. Whether it be by raising funds for Sharjah Autism Center, being a part of the Food for the Needy campaign, or  even renovating a house for an underprivileged family, AUS students have worked to care for members of the wider community. As part of their efforts, the AUS Student Council, Office of Student Affairs’ Community Services Division, and the Indian and Pakistani cultural clubs recently organized this year’s Annual Cleanco and Security Appreciation Lunch to show their gratitude to the cleaners and security guards who are part of the AUS community.

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Topics: American University of Sharjah, American University, Community Service, Appreciation, American

One week to go before starting my run from Los Angeles to New York

Posted by AUS blog on May 7, 2017 9:00:00 AM

By Dr. Nicholas Ashill

With less than a week before I leave for America, I am making final adjustments to training, logistics and chasing potential sponsors. The realization of what lies ahead of me has not yet hit home. Certainly nerves are starting to show and I am eager to get the first day of running behind me. 

If you are not yet aware of this, my next big thing, well, I am doing this very serious ultra-marathon run from Los Angeles to New York in order to inspire people to dream big as well as to help families suffering from pulmonary fibrosis.

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Topics: American University of Sharjah, American University, Los Angeles, New York, ultra-marathon, American, Marathon

AUS senior instructor volunteers to help refugees in Greece

Posted by AUS blog on May 4, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Speaking to students and faculty in an American University of Sharjah lecture hall on Tuesday, April 25, Jenifah Abu-Hassan, Senior Instructor at the American University of Sharjah (AUS) Achievement Academy, said she used her experience in teaching and cooking to help refugees in Northern Greece.

Speaking at a forum sponsored by the AUS Faculty Development Center, Abu-Hassan said she had always felt fortunate, and wanted to give back to society. She said she looked for places to volunteer, and decided to go to Greece following a suggestion by her daughter.

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Topics: American University of Sharjah, AUS, American University, American, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Refugees, Greece

CAAD walks: Observing with all the senses

Posted by AUS blog on May 2, 2017 10:13:40 AM

By Tayiba Ahmed

Opportunities to grow and enhance your talents and skills at American University of Sharjah (AUS) are plenty. Here, you are encouraged to learn and explore beyond what you learn inside the walls of a classroom. The workshop Walking as Learning to See, which was offered by the College of Architecture and Design (CAAD) for its students enrolled in the CAAD Foundations Program, was one such opportunity for students to work on a project that encouraged them to think innovatively and creatively. 

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