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MBRSC and American University of Sharjah partner into space

Posted by AUS blog on Feb 23, 2017 9:00:00 AM

By Dr. Richard Schoephoerster

Space….the final frontier. Any true-blue Star Trek fan knows the source of those words, but, whether you are a Trekkie or not, everyone understands the spirit of their meaning. Frontier implies exceeding limits, moving into the unknown, with all of the excitement and thrill that comes with that. That excitement was palpable on the campus of American University of Sharjah (AUS) last week. Some of our alumni were on campus as the nanosatellite that they designed and constructed in collaboration with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC), was launched into orbit. While there was certainly a roar of applause and a huge collective sigh of relief for each successive stage of the rocket launch, including the deployment of Nayif-1 into its orbit, the real moment of truth arrived when the first signals were received at the AUS ground station, because, for our former students and the MBRSC staff, that was the ultimate measure of achievement for this collaborative enterprise.

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Red Baraat to perform at American University of Sharjah

Posted by AUS blog on Feb 20, 2017 1:01:06 PM

By Falah Gulzar

It won’t be your average Monday afternoon when Red Baraat, the Brooklyn, New York, bhangra band take the stage at American University of Sharjah today, February 20, at 5:30 p.m in the Main Auditorium.

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Making social media work for fresh graduates

Posted by AUS blog on Feb 19, 2017 10:11:25 AM

By Diana Farah

Fresh university graduates seeking job opportunities should be active on social media in order to “be present in front of the right people,” said LinkedIn’s UAE territory director Sherif El Kheir February 7 at American University of Sharjah.

Speaking to about 50 AUS students at the Rock Your LinkedIn Profile workshop, El Kheir said that having a LinkedIn account is an effective way to connect with people who could possibly become mentors, or future bosses.

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Topics: American University of Sharjah, AUS, American University, American, Social Media, LinkedIn, Job Search

A Guide to What AUS Model United Nations is About

Posted by AUS blog on Feb 15, 2017 9:15:31 AM

By Tayiba Ahmed

This past weekend, nearly 1,000 students gathered at American University of Sharjah (AUS). You might wonder what was interesting enough to cause such a large number of students to spend their weekend on campus. The event that attracted not just AUS students but also students from various different institutions from across the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was the tenth conference of the annual American University of Sharjah Model United Nations (AUSMUN). Although the conference is in its tenth year, many AUS students might still not be aware of what Model United Nations is about, the connection it shares with AUS and who participates in it. This article aims to answer questions you might have regarding AUSMUN.

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Topics: American University of Sharjah, American University, United Nations, Model UN, UN, American, AUSMUN

First AUS theatre festival bring international talent to campus

Posted by AUS blog on Feb 8, 2017 9:00:00 AM

By Falah Gulzar

American University of Sharjah held its first ever theatre festival January 31–February 5, 2017, presenting attendees with both entertaining and insightful activities.

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How to Start Your Semester Sustainably

Posted by AUS blog on Feb 5, 2017 9:00:00 AM

By Ashwatha Mahesh

A bright start awaits you as you arrive on campus for the new semester, refreshed from the holidays. AUS Sustainability warmly welcomes you, providing you with a few simple ways to make your semester enjoyable, productive and sustainable.

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